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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I find out my Logon ID and Password for the Online Assessment System?
Riverside Publishing has sent logon IDs and Passwords to all School System Assessment Directors and Building Principals. For assistance related to Logon IDs and Passwords, please contact the following:
  • Parents and Students need to contact your school or system
  • Teachers and Other Building-Level Personnel need to contact your Building Online Assessment System Administrator or School System's Online Assessment System Administrator
  • Online Assessment System Administrators need to contact your School System Assessment Directors
  • School System Assessment Directors and Building Principals may contact the Software Support help desk

I want to change my password. Can I do that? How can I do that?
Teachers/Administrators can change their password by clicking on the link on the Welcome screen that says Account Info.

One of the teachers in my school changed their password and now can't remember the password. How can I find out the new password?
Someone with Administrative rights in the Online Assessment System can access a report that will show all the IDs and passwords for teachers in the school. To get to this report, log in, click on the Reports tab, click on Select Information Log . Then select User Information Log or Teacher Information Log for school.


I need some materials that I can use when training my staff on the Online Assessment System. Where can I get some?
From http://www.georgiaoas.org click on the Training navigation tab at the top of the site. Under the section Manuals you will find several different documents that you can download for use in training sessions.

I need to train others in my system to use the Online Assessment System. What do I need to do to set up for this?
From http://www.georgiaoas.org click on the Training navigation tab at the top of the site. Under the section Manuals you will find several different documents that you can download for use in training sessions.


I am experiencing Logon ID issues. How can I prevent this?
As many of you are importing student and teacher information into the system, you must be aware that all IDs should be unique. Please make sure to do the following when importing the student file:

* Student Logon ID and Student Identifier: This ID must be unique to the student and therefore all schools must use the student's 10-digit Georgia Test ID (GTID) in these fields.

When duplicate IDs are imported into the OAS across the state, the more recent duplicated ID will overwrite the previous one.

I want to import my own students, teachers, and classes. What do I need to do?
Three files must be created: Student, Teacher, and Class files. Use the sample files below as guides when creating your three import files. It is recommended that you create these files in Excel and save them as .CSV files. For further information and/or details on how to create and import these three files, refer to the OAS Roster Import Guide.

Sample Student File
Sample Teacher File
Sample Class File

Some of my students are missing from my class. How can I get them into my class?
Contact someone in your school who has administrative rights to the Online Assessment System; that person can add your student to the database for the school and then add them to your class.


Why am I unable to view results through the OAS reporting feature although the students did take an assigned test?
The reports listed in the OAS reporting tool are designed to report on the school level, which is the level classes are to be imported. If the classes were manually created at the system level rather than the individual school level, the reporting tool will not recognize this data. The other possibility is that system-level administrators (and higher) are unable to see individual reports, regardless of where the student and class are imported.

Why is the OAS not functioning properly?
The GA OAS has certain browser and operating system requirements in order for the system to function properly. Please select the following link to view the system requirements: OAS System Requirements. If problems continue, please contact our Software Support .

After typing in my child's Logon ID and Password I receive an "Invalid Logon" error in red text.
  • Verify that you are typing the correct web address into the address bar: www.georgiaoas.org
  • Verify that you are using a web browser that is compatible with the Online Assessment System Website (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox). Some browsers that are not compatible with Online Assessment System (e.g., Browsers within AOL and People PC) will display the "invalid logon" error even though the logon ID and password are typed correctly. If you are using one of these ISP's please minimize the ISP's window and log in through Internet Explorer or Firefox. In Internet Explorer 7.0, you may be set for tabbed browsing where a new window shows as a tab. If that is the case, just click on the tab that the OAS has opened

Download or upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer.
Download or upgrade to the latest version of Firefox.

After typing in the Logon ID and Password all I see is a "white screen" or I get taken back to the logon screen with no errors displaying.
Seeing a "white screen" or being taken back to the logon screen is due to a pop-up blocker being present and turned on within the web browser or via third party software. To view the Online Assessment System website all pop-up blockers will need to be turned off.

How do I open and print a word document without getting booted out of the application?
Download directions.

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How do I create a shortcut to the OAS on my desktop?
Right click on your desktop, and select "New Shortcut". Enter http://www.georgiaoas.org as the location of the shortcut. Then hit next and give it a name, like OAS for example.

How do I clear the cache?
Download directions.


Can duplicate student results be deleted from the system?
Student test results can be deleted from the OAS. In order to do this, the teacher assigned to that student logs into the OAS. Then they follow these steps:
  • Go to Classes Tab.
  • Select the Delete test results from Class link.
  • Select the Class in which the student is in
  • Select the Test name that you want to delete
  • Select the Student whose test results you need to delete
  • Select the Test Instance (one of duplicate results)
  • Confirm that you wish to delete this test result by retyping in your OAS Password

Is there a way for results of student tests to not be immediately available to students once they have taken the test?
When a new test is created, the user has the option to "Bypass Playback" as a part of their test options. This works for all tests that a school or school system creates. The State Created Benchmarks do not use this option (i.e. will not bypass the student playback) and students will view immediate playback.

Can there be an option to view an administrator's report by teacher when a test is assigned to a super class?
There is new functionality that allows teachers to view System Level Super Class Test results. The Administrator report is not one of them. The building administrator can view the Administrator report by teacher individually.

Once GA Benchmarks have been taken and results collected, can those tests be deleted from the list of visible tests?
You have three options for this to happen in assign test options:
  • You can enter a date range for tests to be viewed.
  • You can choose to allow the students to take the test only once. After the student takes the test the first time, that student will no longer be able to view the test.
  • When test administration time is over, you can return to the test assignment screen and choose "Hide"
     expand   WHAT IS LEVEL 3?

What are the Level 3 (System Level) items and assessments?
Level 3 is an area of the OAS that is designed for system level administrators to create and assign assessments that are unique from the items and tests that teachers use for their students. There are items that are only used for Level 3 and benchmark tests that the Department of Education has created. Level 3 also has the Super Class for assigning tests to entire grade levels.

Who has access to Level 3 items and assessments?
System Test Coordinators are the only ones who have the ability to create and assign Level 3 tests. System level persons, building administrators and teachers all have access to reports on the Level 3 tests. When Level 3 tests are assigned, students can take them through Teacher Assigned Tests. How do I access reports on Level 3 tests?
Teachers and administrators can access reports on the Reports Tab by clicking on System Level Tests. System Test Coordinators access Level 3 reports the same way they receive reports on any other tests.

I am a System Test Coordinator. How do I find the Georgia Benchmarks?
Click on the Classes Tab. Choose Assign Tests to a Super Class or a regular class. Choose your class. Click on the New button. The DOE created benchmarks can be seen in the Other Available Tests screen. If you are not a System Test Coordinator, you will not see the Georgia Benchmarks. I am a System Test Coordinator. How do I assign Level 3 tests?
Level 3 now has access to the Super Class. This allows system level persons to create a class that includes all students in a grade level. The Super Class can include the entire district, one school, or several schools. After the Super Class has been created, just assign a Level 3 test to that class.

Can teachers assign Level 3 or System Level Tests?
As soon as a System Test Coordinator adds at least one Level 3 item, these tests are not available to teachers to assign to their students. This allows for these tests to be unique for system level administration.

How will the information from elementary, middle, and high school benchmarks inform instruction?
The items used in the benchmark assessments are aligned to the new state curriculum at the standard/element level. Since the benchmarks are summative, the first benchmark assessment should serve as a pretest and be a diagnostic assessment which will help teachers identify areas of strengths and areas that need to be addressed more heavily. In other words, the benchmark results should inform instruction in the classroom. The second benchmark (Oct.) will serve as a checkpoint for teachers to identify standards mastered and those that may need to be re-taught. For elementary and most middle schools, the third benchmark (Dec.) will provide additional diagnostic information for teachers to remediate or enhance instruction. For high schools and some middle schools, this benchmark assessment will provide summative information for the semester (or end-of-course for those high schools on block schedule), as well as, serve as a pretest for the 2nd semester for those not on the block schedule. The fourth benchmark (Feb/March) will provide valuable data prior to the "high stakes" tests to be administered in the spring.