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Parent and Student Logon and Report Information

Student Logons

The Georgia Test Identifier (GTID) will be the Logon ID for all students. Parents and students need to contact their school or system for assistance. These personal logons and passwords are necessary to access Teacher-Created Tests or to share results obtained on Student Tests.

Parents and others without personal logon IDs, however, can log on to the OAS using the generic logon IDs and passwords for each grade, as given in the table below.

To see Student Tests
for this grade
Use this
Use this
1st grade Grade1 Grade1
2nd grade Grade2 Grade2
3rd grade Grade3 Grade3
4th grade Grade4 Grade4
5th grade Grade5 Grade5
6th grade Grade6 Grade6
7th grade Grade7 Grade7
8th grade Grade8 Grade8
High School Gradehs Gradehs

Student Playback Reports

Take a quick Online Tutorial on how to logon and view the Playback Report

To view how your child has done on a test:

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